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Welcome to itzzen.net!

Hello! It appears you have stumbled apon my website! Take some time to show yourself around as there is much to see here.

I usually do a ton of computer stuff throught my day, but I also am attempting to learn some new things that dont depend on technology like learning to ride a bicycle.

Btw, if you are using a phone and are viewing this website, don't complain aabout website elements being broken as I will not fix it.

"OpenSSL sucks, please use LibreSSL instaid." - me at some point.


My main platforms i'm active on (and prefer) are xmpp and pleroma, but i'm also on other platforms too! A full list can be seen in the "contact" section.

When contacting me through email, please use PGP. My PGP key can be located here.

My PGP keyid is FE7641DB367347CF.


I (barely) post some videos to peertube, you can follow me here. If you want to suggest any video ideas to me, please email me via the method I mentioned prior.


I host a few services! The link to the list of them is here.

>>> TOS: Don't do anything illegal under United States Law

>>> PP: I only collect IP addresses, this can be ignored with a tor proxy


I accept donations in crypto! Please send me some Bitcoin or Monero if you'd like to see more content and help me run my services!

>>> BTC: bc1qu8spc5h25wrtcva9542kgm0z6lm6yead8jutqu

>>> ETH: 0xae50717eee60ced9fc584ad334c7f3d1eea6414f

>>> XMR: 446YtXbiUKNfpp2otpTSvWAU1ghYbj5HC5rv8WUR5YAwjHdhoys4ZLJVdxfg9kkv3BaCoQRx6qWLhR5FbCGvJSTvDcqCQ3K

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