"You do you, I don't mind." - Me 2021

Welcome to my Very Own Personal Website!

Hello! Welcome to itzzen.net! Home to stuff about me... and more me. I do cool things on the internet and other computer things. I'm currently withering my life away in Hypixel Sky block and Cookie Clicker. I'm tying to figure out what to do in Sky block for the 100th time, but at least the lapis minions be making bank, though.

I would someday like to learn new things and spend more time outside but I kepe on procrastonating. I also have a very shitty sleep schedule, yay!

If you aren't aware at this point, this website is now somewhat of a "remaster" of my first ever website design because I ran out of ideas on what to theme my website like. Not to steal from someone else's, I stole from myself! I've come so far, I don't need to display "I know barely anything about CSS and HTML so the source html code may be a bit messy" anymore :,D


My Online Social Life!

Like millions of people online, I have a public presence on other places on the internet. This is completly seperate from my messaging page, where I list ways on how to directly and reliably contact me. This is for online profiles where I post publicly.

The Profiles...


I'm part of the fediverse! In this case, I host my own pleroma server that I use every day! If you wish to, you can follow me here at @itzzenxx@plma.plus.st


The Quote Book.

Here's a list of some quotes that where either sent to me or one of my friends made and I decided to put here. If you want me to put up a quote here feel free to message me one and I may add it. Also, if you have a website, please send it to me so I can link your name. Thank you!

The quotes...

"if hetero == true: print('free american')" - itZzenXX 2022

"I don't care that you're god lemme finish speaking" - itZzenXX 2022


Web Rings and The Spotlight!

I'm part of some webrings, and I have some friends. I decided to list them all here for simplicity.

The webrings...

I, like many others, are part of something called "webrings." I list all of the ones I am part of here:

< Fediring >

The Spotlight...

Whenever I come accross a website I like, or a project with a website, I'll list them here. Oh, and just because I list a website here, it does not mean I agree with the owner's or developers policital views.