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Welcome! It appears you have stumbled apon my website! Take some time to show yourself around as there is much to see here. I usually do a ton of computer stuff throught my day, but I also am attempting to learn some new things that dont depend on technology like learning to ride a bicycle.

Btw, if you are using a phone and are viewing this website, don't complain about website elements being broken as I will not fix it.

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Sometimes I feel the need to make a little blog post, but no way am I managing an actual blog. I made these blips to send out short status updates on whatever I feel like updating. These appear at random intervalslike once per day or a few months. Hope you enjoy reading them!

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Interweb updates. (2022/3/17 - 18:06) - Heyo again! Decided to do some facelifting n shit in regards to my websoot. It's not going to be full CSS things like I usually do but it's making things more organized, useful, and finally getting that aboutme page made... Anyways, hope you all enjoy the new changes! - itZzenXX

Gentoo Hardening log. (2022/3/11 - 18:56) - Recently, I started to modify my gentoo install to make it more secure. These changes include: Clang as default compiler, hardened CFLAGS, LTO, encrypted drive, secure boot, etc etc. Because of this, I want to make a huge log somewhere so I can document changes and anything that can help others that are doing the same. Like what packages fail when compiled with LTO, or need GCC. I think that would benefit some people. I will link the log somewhere on my website and will send out another blip with the file. Hope you all will enjoy it! - itZzenXX

Welcome to my blips! (2022/3/11 - 18:34) - Welcome to my blips page! I wanted to leave tiny status updates from time to time but I don't want to manage a full blog. Mostly due to me either not having enough time, school, hobbys, etc. I thought that leaving small messages on my website homepage would be a better way to get my thoughts out without resorting to a full blog. Hope you all like this and goodbye blog.html! - itZzenXX

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